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On the set of Sewing with Nancy

Our 2 episodes on Sewing with Nancy featured BQ and BQ3.

View the videos of our 2 part series:
Sewing With Nancy – Part 1
Sewing With Nancy – Part 2


On the set of Sewing with Nancy, 2012

New Quilt Pattern – BQ Goes Mini


BQ Mini blocks are 4 ½” finished; ¼ the size of the original 18” BQ block. Join the trend of mini quilting with a favorite design.

1 FQ each of dark, light and center makes 24 Mini BQ blocks. FQs must be 17” x 21” useable – if not, have a 2nd FQ or substitute fabric available because there is very little allowance for cutting errors.

If you are new to miniature block piecing, BQ Mini is a fun block to start with: not too many segments and created with strip sets. The setting fabric with the 24 Mini Blocks makes 4 placemats. You can make one of each design, all the same or any combination. Fussy cutting or directional fabric for the setting fabric may require more fabric.

The long table runner, 18” x 76 ½” uses 24 Mini BQ blocks. The shorter table runner, 18” x 45” uses 16 of the blocks. You could use the remaining blocks for a topper or a wall piece of your own creation.


New Quilt Pattern – Scooch Over 1


Split the framed center and scooch it over to showcase the centers. The two sizes of frames keep your eyes moving throughout the quilt. You can build the quilt with one center fabric or many. 1 FQ will make 2 centers; it is easy to raid your collection. If you need a quick baby quilt for a gift, this is for you!

3 projects and a bonus lap size project that uses only one Block 1.

Crib 36” x 48” (cover), Large Lap 54” x 72” (cover) and Queen 90” x 96”. Blocks are 12” x 18” and we have included directional fabric tips.

New Quilt Pattern – Scooch Over 2


The centers are split but now there are bold columns with a shifting focus! One block, 12” x 18” creates the fun. Use FQs for these multi fabric projects: 2 centers from each FQ for the larger projects.
3 projects: Crib 36” x 48”, Large Lap 54” x 72” (cover) and Queen 90” x 96”.

The bonus projects are a mini version of the block, 6” x 9” and those centers can be cut from the leftovers of the large blocks or your scrap bag or F8s or other precuts.

Wall 31” x 40” or a crib sized project 40” x 52”. Directional fabric tips included.